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The 5 Best Open Mouth O-Ring Gags of 2020 Reviewed

Best Open Mouth Gag

Are you ready to take your fetish play to the next level, or are you experienced in this dynamic and ready for a new toy in the box? Either way, you’ll want to explore the best open-mouth gag and we’re here to explore with you.

We’ve hit the high points, the pros and the cons of five of the best on the market in our reviews. Whether you’re looking for something that looks and feels lush and rich, or shiny silicone and leather are more your style, we’ve got something that you’ll want to see. Read on at home to learn more and pick out your newest and best play toy.

#1 Editor’s Choice

Scandal Silicone Stopper O-Ring Gag
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#2 Editor’s Choice

Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag By Calexotics
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DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone O-Ring Gag
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Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone O-Ring Gag
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DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Open Mouth Lip Gag
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1. Scandal Silicone Stopper O-Ring Gag

Scandal Stopper O-Ring Gag

Editor’s Choice #1: These lips look and feel very welcoming, and you can choose between leaving them open or plugging the hole for a totally different mood. The black silicone of this ring gag looks and feels great against your face, and it’s easy to accessorize with other bondage gear accessories as the mood strikes.

Lovely Lips

This silicone open-mouth gag features a pair of lovingly sculpted lips that parallel your own! The two-inch bit holds your mouth wide open (and also lets you breathe, which is definitely a bonus!) for oral sex or whatever else you and your partner desire. There’s also a plug on an attached chain, which can fill the hole to keep you breathless and voiceless. It’s made entirely of body-friendly black silicone with an adjustable head harness, to which you can also attach chains or other BDSM accoutrements of your choice. This gag kit is flexible when open and more rigid when plugged.



2. Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag By Calexotics

Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag

Editor’s Choice #2: This elegant ring gag is meant to mix and match with other bondage gear in the Scandal line to take your play to a totally new level — submit in luxury with these high-class sex toy products that deserve a place in your home. The head harness has a plush backing so it won’t leave marks against your skin.

Designer Domination

Fetish gear has never been so fashionable! This designer-quality bondage gear includes an adjustable fabric head harness with a plush backing, one nickel-free iron ring and one silicone ring. You can change the rings out easily to suit your mood or your look. The head harness features a classic buckle and adjusts to fit up to a 21.5″ head circumference. Both rings have a diameter of 1.75″, which can accommodate a penis or sex toy of up to 5.5″ girth. All materials are body-safe and non-tarnishing.



3. DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone O-Ring Gag

DOMINIX Deluxe O-Ring Gag

O Is For Oral

This mouth gag O-ring will hold your mouth open for a great deep-throat oral sex experience. It’s made from high-quality silicone that feels great in your mouth or against his erection, and it also allows you to breathe easily. The slightly stretchy silicone strap adjusts to fit head circumferences between 14″ and 20.5″, which includes most adult humans; plus, it can be locked down (best for people who are experienced with this kind of scene). The small metal O-rings on either side of the large silicone O-ring are perfect for attaching nipple clamps on chains, or even a leash or lead for puppy or pony play.



4. Fetish Fantasy Extreme Silicone O-Ring Gag

Fetish Fantasy Extreme O-Ring Gag

Open Mouth, Insert…

This ring gag is just right for holding your mouth open for your partner’s penis, your choice of sex toys, or whatever else you want to experiment with. The ring is made of thick elite silicone over solid metal for strength covered in silky softness. It’s attached to a head harness, also crafted of elite silicone with an adjustable gold-tone belt-style buckle and coordinating smaller side rings that you can attach chains or other bondage gear accessories to for a complete experience. The ring measures 1.5″ in diameter and the head strap adjusts to fit most adults.



5. DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Open Mouth Lip Gag

DOMINIX Deluxe Open Mouth Lip Gag

Leather, Shine And Lips

This is a great sex toy gag, bondage-style. The shiny silicone lips hold your own mouth open and the 1.5-inch diameter opening is just the right size to play around with consensual non-consent blow jobs or other games. The ring gag is attached to a vegan PU leather head harness with 11 buckle settings to fit head circumferences from 16″ to 23.5″, which makes it an excellent choice for men or women with larger heads. The high-quality silicone has a neutral smell and taste, and is stretchy and flexible for everyone’s comfort.



Buyer’s Guide

What To Consider When Choosing An Open Mouth Gag

What To Consider When Choosing An Open Mouth Gag

When you’re shopping for the best kind of ring gag, there are a few things that you’ll need to keep in mind. First, you want the mouth bit to be easy on your teeth (you’ll probably be biting down hard), and most people also prefer a neutral taste and smell. You’ll also want the head harness to fit snugly but not too tightly, or else you’re asking for a headache. If you have long hair, you may also want to consider whether the harness straps or buckles will tangle in your tresses; it may be fun when your partner pulls your hair but not so much when the fun’s done and you just want to be free, baby, free.

Also, if you’re planning on taking advantage of the open-mouth feature of these kinds of gag bondage games (as opposed to ball gags or gags with a nose hook), consider if your partner’s penis is going to fit in the O-ring portion of the gag. Many of these gags have bits that are approximately 1.5″ in diameter. If you remember your middle-school math, that works out to 4.7″ in circumference. Coincidentally, the average adult male penis is 4.6″ in girth, which means that if you’re even slightly above that, you may find the ring more of a squeeze than you’d like.

Frequently Asked Questions

We think that the best O-ring gag is either the Scandal Silicone Stopper O-Ring Gag or the Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag By Calexotics. Both of them — and all the others we’ve outlined in our reviews here — look and feel great, and offer all sort of different games to play. Have fun figuring out which is your favorite, whether you buy a spider ring or spider gag from us or your account at amazon com inc or its affiliates!

An open-mouth gag is attached to a head harness, which fits snugly around your head and keeps the mouth gag in place so you can use your hands for other activities (or, alternately, bind them with some bondage rope so that you can’t use them at all). The ring bit holds your mouth wide open, and we’ll talk more about that below.

An open-mouth gag, like a spider ring on a spider gag, ensures that your mouth is wide open and that your teeth are safely sheathed. The most obvious “use” for this is oral sex and, depending on where you fall on the BDSM spectrum, possibly incorporating an element of consensual non-consent. Another reason to choose a ring gag over a ball gag is that it offers the same mood and aesthetic but is far more breathable, which could be good for your health.


We think that the best open-mouth gag is either the Scandal Silicone Stopper O-Ring Gag or the Scandal Wide Open Mouth Gag By Calexotics, but we’ve shown you information and reviews on five of our favorites and we hope that they’ll become your favorites too. Have fun and make a note to decide on the next addition to your home toy chest!

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