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Fancy Getting Paid To Test The Latest Adult Toys? Well We Might Have Just The Job For You…

Male Product Tester

Sex toys have been around for a very long time, and in modern society female sex toys have been booming for decades. When it comes to adult toys designed specifically for men, however, things have moved a little slower. 

To look into how men feel about sex toys and sexual wellness in general, we commissioned a survey, and discovered that while two thirds of men aged 18-45 said they want to use toys in the bedroom, more than half are intimidated by the choices available.

So, as one of the globe’s leading adult toy advice platforms, we’ve decided to hire the world’s first official Male Adult Toy Tester – to try and ensure that the market we love so much represents men and women equally, as all things should.

The job comes with a $36k a year salary, and the lucky candidate will be asked to review at least four different products a week – with well written, comprehensive reviews of each toy sent to us prior to them being included in any of our roundups. 

As you can imagine, this role does have some criteria that applicants must conform to – you need to be over the age of 21, have good written English language skills, and be open-minded.

You don’t need to have a steady partner, but some of the products we send you will require two or more people – so it might help! Previous experience with and of sex toys is a bonus, and we’d like to enocurage applicants of all sexual preferences to apply. 

If you are selected as our designated tester, you’ll be expected to review an array of products, including but not limited to; fleshlights, cock rings, penis pumps, prostate massagers, pocket pussies, onaholes, and blowjob machines.

Our selected candidate will be required to write up to 1,000 word reviews of each within seven days of each product arriving. You must also include feedback on; durability, sensation, enjoyability, after-use-care, design, and packaging, as well as giving it a star rating out of five across all of these areas. 

And this is the best bit – you’ll be able to keep any of the products we send!

For this role, we’d like to have someone in place on a permanent basis by the end of October in time for the Christmas rush. Due to the ongoing pandemic shortlisted candidates will be interviewed via Zoom.

So, sound like a job for you? If the answer’s yes, apply here:

Elena Johnson, co-founder of, said:

“At Badum-tish our entire goal is ensuring people are able to have a fulfilling and healthy sex life – and whether that be seeking advice on performance enhancing products, or looking for the best toys to spruce things up in the bedroom – our mission is to have whatever you need available at the touch of a button.

“This role is hopefully going to help us do that, as I feel the only missing piece to our puzzle is someone to actively review and assess every new product we want to feature on our site – something we don’t currently have. We’d like to get going on this by the end of October really, so if you think this sounds like a job for you, please don’t hesitate to apply!”

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