The Best Sex Swing Of 2019 – How To Get Into The Swing Of Things!

Have you ever wanted to join the Mile High Club?

A moment of passion whilst flying through the air. I’m sure it would be an experience you’d never forget.

sex swing furniture

While most of us can only dream, there is a way to have airborne sex on Earth; enter the Sex Swing, the key to making your fantasy a reality.

On a sex swing you can spin, push and pull with a fraction of the effort needed for the same moves on a bed, and if its what you’re into, the added bonus of the restraint-like supporting straps adds an extra dimension to your pleasure!

There are multiple varieties. Some softer designs are more suited to a regular bedroom, while others are repurposed yoga swings, or even leather varieties that are more suited to a dungeon! Along with the different varieties, there is a wide variation in the price you will be looking to pay, ranging from about $20 for a simple door attachment swing, to as much as $200 for a more substantial swing.

Editor’s Choice: Bondage Boutique Sex Swing

bondage sex swing 2019

Without a doubt, this sex wing stands out as the best in this roundup! It’s made from high-quality materials making it extremely versatile.

It is fantastically fast and easy to assemble, you don’t need to be a top builder to get this swing ready for use!

All you need to do is screw it into your ceiling or doorframe and you are ready to go! And if you’d rather not make holes in your home, you can suspend it from a sex swing stand instead.

The main nylon straps boast velvet padding on the stirrups to make it a little more luxurious and comfortable.

The Bondage Boutique Sex Swing stands out because it is extremely good value for money. It is very similar to the Fetish Fantasy swing series, without the boosted price tag.

You can suspend it from your door frame, ceiling or swing stand, all of which allow it to swing 360° freely and it can hold up to 1000 lbs.


  • Very easy assembly
  • Comfortable with velvet padding
  • Unlimited sex positions


  • No headrest so your neck may ache after a while
  • Metal elements may cause noise during rougher sex
  • More pricy than some amazon models

Best Amazon Sex Swing: Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Swing

pipe dream fetish fantasty swing

You don’t just want a back and forth motion on a sex swing, you want to be able to swing the full 360 °, which is exactly what the Fetish Fantasy Swing allows! Plus you can lean as far back as you like, and there is a spring at the top to soften up and down movements.

If submission is your thing, this swing gives you complete freedom to follow the control of your partner, who can swing you in any direction the choose, and they can also enjoy a bit more control from the handle as the top…the perfect place to attach bondage toys like cuffs!

It also gives you some stability in the form of foot straps to help you keep your balance as you swing, and you can use it for many different positions, including doggy-style (in which case recommend adding a pillow for a bit more comfort!

The only thing we didn’t like about this swing was the difficulty to install it, as you will need to drill a hole in your ceiling to attach a swing hanger. Alternatively you may prefer to install a sex swing stand, which is certainly easier to set up and tidy away!

We love that this swing spins 360° and includes the stirrup-style foot straps. However if can only support up to 400 lbs, and that is dependent on the connection you install.


  • Unlimited range of swinging
  • Choose more positions
  • Extra bar at the top gives extra control and options for bondage


  • Pricier option
  • No neck support
  • Installation is more complicated

Over-Door Sex Swing

Over Door Sex Swing

With this swing, you will be turning every door into a sex swing!

It is incredibly easy to install this swing. You simply hang the straps over any door then shut the door. It has metal bungs at the end of the straps which then hold in in places.

The obvious disadvantage of this design is that you don’t get the full range of movement with this swing as you can only use it with a closed door.

You therefore only get about half of the swing range of other swings, which also in turn limits the positions that you can enjoy. However, at only $20, this is a great entry level swing to test out some new experiences and see if you enjoy suspended sex!

We recommend ensuring that your door is strong enough to support you in this sex swing. A solid wooden door should be fine, but flimsier builds may not last.

We love how this swing converts any door into a sex swing and that the legs are fully adjustable. However, like the Pipedream, it only supports up to 400 lbs.


  • Extremely affordable at only $20
  • Extremely easy to set up
  • Portable/easy to tidy away


  • More restricted in range of movement and position
  • May be loud to use
  • May damage insubstantial doors

Portable Sex Swing Stand

portable sex stand

I’ve mentioned sex swing stands a few times now. Sex swing stands make it easy to suspend your sex swing without needing to drill holes in your ceiling or door frames and are very easy to set up.

Plus you can pack them away easily, and not worry about leaving tell-tale marks on your ceiling, so they can be more discrete.

The best element of a sex swing stand is that you know it will withstand up to a certain weight, whereas with holes in the ceiling and doorframes, if you don’t get the technique right, it might not be as reliable and you might just get a nasty shock right when you least expect it!

WE love that this sex swing holds up to 400 lbs and that you can easily collapse it under your bed or into your closet for easy, discreet storage. When you full assemble it, it takes up to 12 x 13 feet.


  • Easy to set up
  • Suitable for use with any hanging swing
  • Portable
  • Easy to collapse and store


  • Expensive
  • Requires a large space

Body Sex Swing

Body Sex Swing

If you don’t have the space or sturdy enough doors to swing from, why not swing from your partner?

That is the idea behind the body sex swing. One person wears that harness, with the other person using the two leg hoops.

It doen’st give you the versatility of a standard 360 degree spinning sex swing, unless your partner is build like The Rock, but it is a fun compromise when you are limited on space and durable fittings!

Instead of the full range of movement you get from the other types of sex swings, this benefits you most in the trickier standing up positions because it supports the weight otherwise on your arms from your legs so that your arms don’t get as tired. It is perfect for trying out the trickier positions!

We love that it is fully adjustable to suit any height and size, and that it has handles for the swinger.


  • Makes tricky sex positions easy
  • Cheaper alternative


  • Transfers extra weight onto knees and hip
  • Doesn’t give you the full sex swing experience

Yoga Sex Swing

The Best Sex Swing Of 2019 – How To Get Into The Swing Of Things!

As the name suggests, yoga swings are not sex swings. They are designed to enable you to do aerial stretches, however they are in fact almost identical to sex swings, and you can do just about any position in a yoga swing that you can do in a regular sex swing.

The bonus of choosing a yoga swing for your sex swing is that you can use it for both, and you also have an honest explanation if any of your friends or family spot it, meaning you don’t have to remember to put it away after you enjoy it.

This swing comes with a stretches guide and comprehensive instructions for setting it up.

The downside of choosing this swing is that the seat is a flat material, meaning it is a little more difficult for penetration that a regular sex swing allows. With a bit of practise, however, you’ll find a new technique and master positions where the material doesn’t get in your way.

WE love that this swing comes with  a yoga guide for stretches and exercises and that it is machine-washable. It also has more substantial attachments so that the seat will not spin when you are using it, although you might prefer that.


  • Much more discreet that other sex swings
  • Dual purpose – use it for both sex and yoga
  • Extremely comfortable materials and in a choice of colors


  • Doesn’t offer 360 degree spinning
  • No spring at the top to soften movements
  • More limiting for missionary position as penetration is a little more tricky to achieve

More Supportive Sex Swing


If you would prefer an option with a bit more support, take a love at the Purple Reins Sex Sling, which gives you addition support for your back as well as your limbs. You may feel that a sling-style swing is more comfortable for longer sessions. The Purple Reins Sex Sling is available from Love Honey at a very reasonable price.

Definition of a Sex Swing


The concept of a sex swing combines two elements of sun: sex and swinging! If you are looking ofr a new toy to spice up your sex life, a sex swing is a great option!

It is a popular toy in BDSM, particularly for trying fantasy roleplay and dominance/submissive play. Usually, the submissive partner sits or lays in the sex swing, a harness which supports them by wrapping around their legs, back and buttocks. From there on, you can use your imagination!

A sex swing is a great way to spice up the missionary position, because it is very easy to achieve and adds the ultimate weightless dimension to a position which can otherwise become a bit boring! It means there is no resistance, so the dominant partner can effortlessly pull their lover towards them.

As you have seen from the roundup above, there are many different types of sex swings, although anything with a harness that can be suspended can become a sex swing!

Here are the main types of sex swing:

  • Door suspension – hook over doors. They are more budget friendly, so they may be a good choice if you are new to sex swings. However, you will need a sturdy door and unfortunately they do not offer the full range of movement that other sex swings offer.
  • Full suspension – hang from the ceiling, a door frame or a sex swing stand. While they are slightly trickier to set up, they are worth it! This is the best type of sex swing you can get because they give you full range of movement, from up and down to 360 degree spinning!
  • Yoga sex swing – these are designed for yoga rather than sex, however you can use them for any position that you can do in a sex swing .they are a more discreet option because you can tell your friends and family they are for yoga, so you can leave them up all the time. However, you do have to compromise in the range of movement you have as they don’t allow 360 degree spinning.

What are the benefits of having a sex swing?


When you have sex in a sex swing, you feel like you are flying. The only thing touching you is your partner, so it gives you heightened sensation and deeper feelings of pleasure, in a similar way to sensory deprivation.

It is a great toy to use when engaging in BDSM, with perfect dominance and submission. Plus, you can add in other toys and accessories, like restraints which you can attach, taking your sexual  fantasy to an even higher level. Sex swings give you a lot of different options.!

What are the disadvantages of a sex swing?

The Disadvantages

A sex swing, in particular a spinning sex swing, can be difficult to set up. The incorrect installation into a ceiling or doorframe fitting can results in it breaching at some point, which is most likely when you are using it. Also, drilling into the fittings of your house may not be possible, for example if you are renting. The best way around these issues is to buy a sex swing stand. You can set these up without any drilling.

The other downside of a sex swing is you can strain your neck from trying to hold your head up, although this is easily fixed by switching up your position from time to time – that keeps things interesting anyway!

How to Install a Sex Swing

How To Install

Sex swings are great for spicing up your sex life and you can use them for any type of sex – they are very versatile. However, it is very important that you set the up correctly, otherwise you can cause injuries and damage to your home. The last thing you want is to come crashing to he ground in the middle of a sex session.

Setting up a door sex swing

Most door sex swings are set up in the same way. You hand the straps over the door and then close the door, preferably locking it, just like this. Just make sure that the door is strong enough! You can then adjust the height.

Other door sex swings may screw into the door from using a screw loop. It also requires a strong door frame, but unfortunately you then won’t be able to shut your door!

Setting up fully suspended ceiling love swings

Sex swings suspended from the ceiling require a high ceiling and strong beams/joists, otherwise you could come crashing down. Your home can be built differently depending on where you are from, so if you don’t already know how to find joists and beams, follow this link for the UK and this link for the USA.

In general though, you simply knock on your ceiling at different points and listen out for areas which sound least hollow.

How to set up a sex swing stand

If you want a spinning sex swing, a purpose-built stand is the best option. They are robust metal stands that are designed to hold the weight of people using the swing. You can often assemble the stands without tools, just follow the simple instructions included in your pack.

How to Use a Sex Swing: Sex Positions

You have a lot of different options when it comes to using your sex swing! Here are some ideas for positions you can try to get you started:

  • Missionary – effortlessly come together with your partner easing the deep penetration, then enjoy swinging in all directions as you move together.
  • Doggy style – lay a pillow down on the harness for optimum comfort, then lay down on your stomach and get ready for the ride of your life! You may find a sling style swing is more comfortable for this position.
  • Oral – by lifting you to the perfect height, swings reduce the chance of neck or jaw strain for oral sex.

Building a DIY Sex Swing

It is very easy to make a DIY sex swing or sex sling yourself. Many people choose to do this, so to get some ideas, check our these guides:

You can read additional sexual health information in our blog.