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The 6 Best Onaholes 2020: Find The Ultimate Japanese Sex Toy

Best Onahole

The word onahole is a portmanteau of the Japanese words “onanī” and “hōru”, and translates as “masturbation hole”. The best onaholes are pleasing to all the senses as they highlight the loveliest parts of the female anatomy. They feature realistic-feeling orifices, have grippy and textured canals for penetration, and can feel and even sound very much like the real thing.

These kinds of male masturbators can increase stamina and make partnered sex even better. Plus, onaholes are just fun! We think that the best onahole is the Utensil Race Proof 005 but pick your own favorite from the list, make sure to have plenty of lube on hand, and enjoy yourself.

#1 Editor’s Choice

Utensil Race Proof 005
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#2 Editor’s Choice

THRUST Pro Elite Alana
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Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita
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Utensil Race Proof 008
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THRUST Pro Xtra Taylor
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THRUST Pro Elite Sophia
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1. Utensil Race Proof 005

Utensil Race Proof 005

Editor’s Choice #1: This Utensil Race Proof 005 onahole masturbator lets you see what sex would be like with one of China’s first and most famous nude models. The textured canal offers intense stimulation, pleasure and orgasms.

Experience China's "First Nude Model"

This realistic stroker onahole toy is modeled after China’s first well-known erotic celebrity, Zhang Xiao Yu, (who shares a name with a shot putter and a soccer player, so Google accordingly). Her name was one of the most searched-for terms in Chinese search engines, and she was a spokesperson for the Chinese online game Dàhuà Xuānyuán. Bring up some photos and videos and get ready to enjoy yourself with this ultra-realistic masturbator that replicates the pussy lips of Zhang Xiao Yu.

More Than Meets The Eye

While the onahole looks just like your favorite vagina, it has hidden surprises. It’s made of body-friendly, double-layered soft plastic that stretches to accommodate most men. All materials are latex- and phthalate-free. The outer layer feels like soft, shaved skin, and the inner canal offers tightness, friction, suction and three distinct zones for the ultimate satisfaction (there’s even a G-spot!). The internal length is 5.5 inches and it comes with a starter bottle of excellent water-based lube.



2. THRUST Pro Elite Alana

Thrust Pro Elite Alana

Editor’s Choice #2: The THRUST Pro Elite Alana is so lifelike that you’ll expect her to steal the covers. Enjoy hands-free vaginal or anal penetration with two uniquely textured canals, and feel free to buy her some pretty panties!

So Close To Real

This super-realistic sex doll onahole is incredibly close to the real thing. Alana is made of high-quality soft plastic that’s phthalate-free and body-friendly. She has distinctly different ribbed openings in the front and back so you can enjoy both vaginal and anal sex in whatever position you choose. This doll weighs in at over 15 pounds meaning she’ll stay where you put her so you can even enjoy hands-free penetration. Her waist is approximately 28 inches and her hips 37 inches. You can dress her in women’s size medium panties or size 6-8 skirts for your pleasure.

More Measurements

Alana’s vaginal canal measures 7.5 inches and the anal canal is 5.5 inches. Most men will be able to go balls-deep in the vagina but the ass is somewhat tighter. Both entrances require a good bit of water-based lubricant. They will grip you tightly and both textures are extremely pleasing. The ass reverberates resoundingly when you give it a good, satisfying slap. You’ll appreciate the very real look and feel of this high-class, high-touch masturbator. It’s also a lot of fun if you’re looking to simulate a FFM threesome!



3. Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

Magic Eyes La Bocca Della Verita

There may be other blowjob toys on the market, which you can see in our best blowjob article here, but this one has a nose, a tongue, a throat and even teeth! It feels like a real woman’s (or man’s) mouth and like a real blowjob. Once you push into the welcoming, realistic onahole lips, you and your penis will be greeted by a flexible tongue, a lifelike palate, a dangling uvula, gentle(!) teeth and a gradually tightening textured throat. It’s almost real but you can go as hard and fast as you want without any discomfort. Use this masturbator wherever you want since it’s light and portable.

Skin So Soft

La Bocca Della Verita is made of super-soft, temperature-responsive materials that feel like real skin. It warms quickly in your hands; you can also soak it in warm water for an even more lifelike feel and increased flexibility. It’s crafted from body-friendly, latex- and phthalate-free plastic and it’s fully submersible. The internal canal measures 5.5 inches so it can accommodate almost all penises comfortably and many men will be able to deep-throat this toy.



4. Utensil Race Proof 008

Utensil Race Proof 008

This excellent ona hole is a great choice for those who appreciate Japanese adult film star Hibiki Ōtsuki — or really, pretty much anyone who appreciates female anatomy. The realistic male masturbator features external lips modeled after award-winning Hibiki. Load up one of her videos for extra stimulation while you’re stroking! Japanese anime lovers may also enjoy listening to Hibiki’s T♡Project anime and vocaloid songs during the action. However, even if anime characters from Japan aren’t really your thing, this super tight onahole will likely be!

Maybe Better Than The Real Thing?

It won’t make you breakfast in the morning or find your keys, but there are a few advantages that this male sex toy has over a flesh-and-blood woman. The interior chambers and canal are made of a soft, stretchy material with a series of bumps and nodules expertly designed to pleasure every inch of your penis. There is even a textured back wall and a “G spot” that’s placed just right to stimulate your head. The onahole is made from soft, body-friendly, latex- and phthalate-free materials and the internal length is 6 inches. It comes with a two-ounce bottle of specialist lube to maximize sensation and pleasure.



5. THRUST Pro Xtra Taylor

Thrust Pro Xtra Taylor

If you’re looking for your first male sex toy or a great addition to your harem, this is definitely worth a look. It’s one of the less expensive on the sex toy market but it’s still super satisfying with plenty of features that won’t let you down. Taylor has two holes: a ribbed vagina and an ass hole. She’s made of soft phthalate-free plastic and she’s fully submersible for easy cleanup or some shower fun. The internal length is 4.5 inches (both holes access the same tunnel); many gentlemen will feel a pleasant tightness but some may be a bit squeezed.

Fully Featured

Both holes are fully-functional and the vagina hole has realistic-feeling lips at the entrance. There is also an air hole to facilitate thrusting and make cleanup easier. This is already a great price for a masturbator with high-quality molded plastic and two access holes; what’s more, it also offers pockets where you can add one or two bullet vibrators for an even more intense experience. Taylor is somewhat smaller than other sex doll masturbators but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as she will be easier to clean and store discreetly, or to position in a cowgirl or reverse cowgirl pose. The toy is heavy enough to stay in place on a table or bed when you’re thrusting.



6. THRUST Pro Elite Sophia

Thrust Pro Sophia

The Thrust Sophia stroker toy focuses on what you want to focus on — vagina and ass holes with a super realistic look and feel. The two holes are carefully engineered to bring you the most pleasure possible. The vaginal lips are detailed and welcoming. The entire doll is crafted of high-quality, skin-soft TPE that’s body-friendly and phthalate-free. It’s also fully submersible for easy cleaning or special shower fun.

Vital Statistics

Sophia is a solid 4.5 pounds; an ideal size because you can position her on a bed or table for some hands-free doggy, missionary, or anal fun, but you can also hold her in place easily for cowgirl or reverse cowgirl. She’s small enough that she can comfortably share a bed with you and a partner if you want to play some FFM games. Her ribbed, textured canal is 5.5 inches long and very stretchy, so it will accommodate most penises with just the right amount of tightness.



Buyer’s Guide

What Is An Onahole?

What Is An Onahole

An onahole is a male masturbator sex toy; the opening is often designed to resemble a vagina but can also be shaped like a mouth or forego the aesthetics in favor of a simple, streamlined design and opening. The term is derived from the Japanese words “onanī” and “hōru”, which mean masturbation and hole — an onahole is, by definition, a masturbation hole. Onaholes can be used for stamina training as well as personal pleasure. Most onaholes are made of plastic, silicone, or TPE material. The canals are usually textured for additional stimulation. Onaholes are people-powered and do not require batteries or electricity, although some allow you to incorporate one or two auxiliary vibrators into the experience.

How To Use An Onahole

To use an onahole, lubricate the opening and the canal, insert your erect penis and thrust at your own pace. Many onaholes offer a choice of simulated vaginal and anal openings; anal holes are often tighter and sometimes shorter. Onaholes allow men to masturbate by thrusting the penis as they would in sexual intercourse rather than by gripping and stroking. This is often more pleasurable and also contributes to better partnered sex by avoiding the dreaded “death grip” often associated with handjob-style masturbation. You’ll want to make sure to use plenty of lube; as with most sex toys, what appears to be too much is actually often just right.

How To Clean An Onahole

Clean an onahole with either special sex toy cleaner or any mild soap that’s safe for both bodies and plastic/silicone material. If you use water as part of your cleaning routine, cold or lukewarm water is preferred because hot water can make semen coagulate. Once you have washed out the canals of the onahole, air-dry it thoroughly and then apply some sex toy renewal powder or use fine, food-grade cornstarch (you may not need to do this if your toy is made of silicone). Do not use baby powder or talc because those are not healthy for either your toy or your penis.

Onahole Vs. Fleshlight Vs. Pocket Pussy

Onaholes, fleshlights and pocket pussies share more similarities than differences: they are all male sex toys designed for penetration; they are made from plastic or silicone material; and they encourage thrusting. Onaholes tend to be the largest toys of the group and pocket pussies, as the name implies, are the smallest and most portable. Fleshlights, which are generally between the other two in size, were introduced in 1995 and they were a game-changer. They were the first male sex toys to make it big in the market and they normalized sex toys for men the way that the rabbit vibrator featured on Sex and the City did for women.

If you want an even more realistic, full-size experience, check out our best sex doll reviews!

Frequently Asked Questions

We think that the best onahole on the list is the Utensil Race Proof 005, which is fashioned after the first and most popular nude model in China. There are plenty of other excellent onaholes available, including ones made to resemble the vaginas of models and porn stars, and you’ll have no trouble finding the one that pleases you and your penis the most

You can warm an onahole through use, friction, or warm water (if the onahole is fully waterproof). There are also special sex toy warmers that are designed to bring onaholes to the perfect-feeling body temperature, or you could also warm the lube before inserting it. Onaholes tend to warm up fairly quickly once they’re in use.

Onahole literally means “masturbation hole”; a portmanteau of the Japanese words “onanī” and “hōru”, and that’s exactly what it is and what it’s for. Onaholes are simulated vaginas (or anuses or mouths) for people with penises to masturbate with, and they encourage thrusting to orgasm. Most onaholes have textured canals and some even have a suction chamber. A realistic onahole feels very close to the real thing!


We think that one of the best onaholes on the market today is the Utensil Race Proof 005, but we have a list of other excellent models of onaholes designed to please the eye and the penis. They can improve both your solo and partnered sex life if you use them right — let loose and have fun!

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