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The 6 Best Chastity Cock Cages Reviews 2020

Best Chastity Cages

The best male chastity cage is a sexy way to turn total control over to your lover. Your keyholder literally has your penis under lock and key, which is a very exciting way to live and serve. Read on to learn about the best chastity cages and how you can incorporate them into your love life.

A cock cage will let you learn about orgasm denial and total service to your keyholder, and when you are finally freed from your cock cage device, you’ll feel like you want to explode in delight. Read on to pick the best chastity cage for you.

#1 Editor’s Choice

CB-6000 Designer Chrome
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#2 Editor’s Choice

DOMINIX Deluxe Male Silicone Chastity Cage
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DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage
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CB-3000 Male Chastity Cage Kit
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Master Series Solitary Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage
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Pipedream Anal Fantasy Elite Silicone Ass-Gasm Cock Blocker
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1. CB-6000 Designer Chrome

CB-6000 Designer Chrome

Editor’s Choice #1: Your cock will be as shiny as a sports car but you won’t be able to get it out of the locked garage with this designer chrome chastity device. It’s made of hard plastic for comfort and long wear but it’s finished with brilliant chrome so you and your partner can reflect in its glory.

Captive In Chrome

This gleaming designer cage will keep your penis locked up until the keyholder decides to let it loose. It’s made from latex-free hard polycarbonate plastic with a shiny chrome finish. The interior seams are carefully finished for all-day comfort. There are urination and ventilation holes for comfort and safety. It comes with one authentic brass padlock with a key and five individually numbered plastic locks so you can pick and choose who has access. You also get five rings of differing sizes, four spacers and four locking pins to ensure a perfect fit, as well as a sample tube of lube (which can make getting in and out of the device easier and more comfortable) and a satiny storage bag to keep it clean and safe when not in use.

Vital Statistics

The cock cage has interior dimensions of 3.25″ long and 1.375″ in diameter, which accommodates the majority of flaccid penises (studies have determined that the average flaccid penis is 1.165″ in diameter). The rings, which are meant to fit around the testicles, measure 1.5″, 1.625″, 1.75″, 1.875″ and 2″ — you will want them to fit snugly but not tightly. It is sculpted for both ergonomic comfort and a visually pleasing appearance. It is waterproof so it is easy to clean, and men can even shower with it in place.



2. DOMINIX Deluxe Male Silicone Chastity Cage

DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Chastity Cage

Editor’s Choice #2: You can wear this all day and only you and your lover will be the wiser. It’s crafted from semi-translucent, flexible silicone and when you use the included plastic locks, it’s incredibly discreet under your clothes. You’ll love your special secret and your keyholder will too! It’s ideal for new or more experienced users.

Sweet, Discreet Silicone

This male chastity device is made entirely from soft, slightly stretchy silicone (and plastic) so it is discreet enough to wear under most clothes and won’t set off any metal detectors. The flexible, semi-translucent white silicone “cage” is ventilated and open-ended so it can be worn without more discomfort than intended! The end hole allows for urination and ejaculation, and the whole thing can go in the shower with you for a thorough cleaning of both your body and the cage. It’s made to be well suited for long-term wear because of the low profile, ease of cleaning, ejaculation and urination hole, plus the flexibility and hypoallergenic body-friendly materials. It comes with five individually numbered plastic locks and a metal padlock with three keys.

Fit Tips

The penis cage portion of this device is 3″ long and stretchy. It comes with four spacers of varying lengths and five rings (to loop around the testicles) in ring sizes of 1.5″, 1.6″, 1.8″, 1.9″ and 2″. They are also somewhat stretchy for comfort and ease of use. It’s recommended to use some good water-based lube to ease yourself into the male chastity device, and it should never be worn while sleeping. This is a great choice for those new to this kind of play as the silicone is soft and flexible, and the overall look and feel is not overwhelming.



3. DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage

DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage

Put Some Rings On It

This ornate male chastity locking system encircles your penis with a series of solid steel rings, gently curved to follow your natural shape for a secure, comfortable fit. This design leaves only a half-inch of space before the ball ring so it’s best suited for more experienced users. The cage has a lot of open space for ventilation and hygiene, yet it delivers a restrictive, heavy feel. There will be no accidental escapes from this cock cage and no chance of an erection. The steel is silky-smooth and thoughtfully finished with no seams or other irritations. This jewelry-quality cage comes with a padlock with two keys.

Size And Shape

This solid steel chastity device has an internal length of 3″. There is only one size of testicle ring and the ring is solid so you’ll likely want to use plenty of lube to get it on successfully, which is best accomplished with a completely flaccid penis. While it will set off metal detectors, it is mostly undetectable under clothes (the actual lock can be noisy and a bit obvious). It’s heavy enough that you will be aware of it at all times, which many users and their keyholders appreciate. The open design makes cleaning — both the device and the penis inside — easy and quick.



4. CB-3000 Male Chastity Cage Kit

CB-3000 Chastity Cage Kit

Crystal-Clear Chastity Cage

You can keep an eye on your cock even when it’s under lock and key with this clear, rigid polycarbonate cage. It’s sculpted to follow the contours of your penis, and it’s comfortable for long-term wear with plenty of ventilation and an ejaculation/urination hole. This male chastity device is also tailored to be discreet under clothes and it will pass unnoticed through airport security or other metal detectors (when the plastic locks are used). It comes with a sample of lube — which makes it easier to put on — and an attractive satin bag for storage and/or transport. It’s waterproof so it can even go in the shower with you, which helps keep both your penis and its restraint clean and hygienic.

What Matters Most

One of the things you’ll appreciate most about this male chastity cage is that it’s made with body-friendly, medical-grade materials. You can wear it as long as you want with no ill effect. It comes with three different spacers and locking pins so you can tailor the fit perfectly, as well as five testicle rings in graduated sizes. You also get five plastic locks and a classic brass padlock with three keys. The internal length is 3″ — the CB-6000 male chastity cage has an internal length of 3.25″ and the CB-6000S male chastity cage has an internal length of 2.5″ for smaller men or a more restrictive fit.



5. Master Series Solitary Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage

Master Series Stainless Steel Locking Chastity Cage

Heavy Metal

This chastity male device promises “extreme confinement” and there’s no erection that’s going to break out of this. It’s made from high-quality, smooth stainless steel that’s crafted to follow the curves of your penis. It has a smooth finish, plenty of ventilation and an open end for urination. Although it’s made for comfort, it’s heavy enough that you’ll be aware of it all day long. Enjoy the feeling of weight and bondage with this industrial-looking heavy metal cock locking system — you’re not going to be free of it until your keyholder lets you loose. This is a serious chastity belt as it snuffs out even the most determined erection.

How To Use

This high-quality, stainless steel chastity device comes with two ball rings in different sizes (1.75″ and 2″) for a custom fit. Make sure that you don’t constrict yourself too much because an emergency exit from this baby is not going to be all that easy. The sleek, smooth metal can be stored in the freezer to take your playtime to a new level. A generous helping of lube is recommended and, as with all cock cages, it’s not intended to be worn during sleep. This cage is designed to cover the penis head and it measures 1.25″ in internal length. It comes with a brass padlock with two keys.



6. Pipedream Anal Fantasy Elite Silicone Ass-Gasm Cock Blocker

Elite Silicone Ass-Gasm Cock Blocker

Triple Treat

There’s going to be a whole lot going on down there with this elite-level male chastity belt. The main event, of course, is the silicone chastity cage that’s designed for all-day wear. It’s ventilated for breathability and it has a hole at the tip for urination. The cock cage attaches to a testicle ring so that everything can be locked down. The final piece de resistance is a slender, tapered prostate plug. You’ll thrill to the feeling of constant stimulation but you won’t be able to do anything about it until your keyholder decides it’s time! This devilish design is the ultimate in male chastity devices, and it’s been created with extended wear time in mind.

Need To Know

The cock blocker sleeve/cage is made of flexible elite-quality silicone with a smooth, silky finish. It has an insertable length of 5″ and an inner diameter of 1.8″ to fit almost all flaccid penises comfortably. The stainless steel testicle ring has three size adjustments between 1.8″ and 2″. The Ass-Gasm prostate plug has a bulbous, rounded tip for easy insertion and a tapered shape. All materials are hypoallergenic and non-porous for safety and easy cleaning. Water-based lube is highly recommended. The kit comes with one padlock with two keys and three plastic locks.



Buyer’s Guide

Things To Consider When Choosing A Chastity Cage

Things To Consider When Choosing A Chastity Cage

Male chastity devices are designed to go around the most sensitive parts of your body — the cages aren’t meant to be comfortable, exactly, but you will probably want to make sure that any discomfort is exactly what you expected and planned for. So when you’re shopping for chastity cages, you’ll need to consider:

  • Material: Chastity cages are most often made of either metal or silicone, although other materials such as leather can come into play. Silicone is more flexible and therefore simpler to use, which makes it well suited to folks who are newer to this game. It’s also easier to make an emergency exit from, if necessary. Metal cages are more durable and more restrictive; plus, there’s no denying that they just look better.
  • Size And Shape: Some male chastity devices are designed to lock down the entire penis and some only cover the head and perhaps a bit more, depending on your penis size. If you are larger/longer than average when flaccid (a shower, not a grower), you’ll want to keep this in mind and pick something that either accommodates your length comfortably or is designed to cover only the head. Curvature is something to keep in mind as well — if you need something that follows your own curve, silicone is generally more forgiving than metal, although some metal cages are contoured so it’s just a question of finding exactly the right fit.
  • Locks: Nothing beats the look of a classic padlock with a key, but metal locks can be rattly and can often show under clothes — especially dress pants with a nice drape. Most of the best chastity cages come with optional plastic locks. You can use the plastic locks for day wear and then you and your keyholder can swap out for the padlock if that’s a big part of your playtime.
  • Foreskin: Many of the more anatomical cock cages are designed with circumcised penises in mind. If you are intact, they may still work just fine, depending on your own foreskin, but you may also want to consider one that does not have as much of a defined ridge around the head.

How To Measure For A Chastity Cage

How To Measure For A Chastity Cage

As with most sex toys, the right fit is essential when it comes to cock cages — too loose defeats the purpose, but chastity cages that are too tight can be dangerous and put an end to play time for the night, if not longer! So you’ll want to be sure that your chastity device is the right one for you and your penis size. Take your measurements flaccid, because that’s how you’ll be using the cage. Also take several measurements over the course of a day or two because, as we all know, penises can look and feel different at different times for no apparent reason!

You’ll want to know your length, measured across the top, and your diameter. You’ll also need to know the diameter of the whole penis-and-testicle package to make sure you get the right ring sizes. Other than taking a cross-section, which no one wants to do(!), the most accurate way to determine diameter is to measure circumference and then calculate the diameter.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, a snugly fitting chastity cage is actually more comfortable than a looser one. A loosely fitted device may chafe, which is clearly undesirable, and it may also let your penis start to become erect — and that can hurt, and not in a good way.

How To Put On A Cock Cage

Cock cages are all slightly different and you should always follow the manufacturer’s directions if they differ from our very basic ones here, but the idea remains the same. It’s almost always easiest to put the testicle ring on first; as with any type of sex toy, lube is an excellent choice here. Lube up the ring and your balls, and carefully slip the balls through the ring one at a time.

You will then need to gently guide your penis through the ring to join them. Needless to say, this is only successfully accomplished when you are flaccid, and you may be visibly excited to play with your new sex toy. You can either watch the news on television and settle down, or masturbate to deplete your erection.

Insert your penis into the cage/tube section of the device next, and once everything is situated comfortably, you can attach the cage to the ring and lock everything down. Make sure that you and your keyholder have a spare key in a safe place!

Benefits Of Using A Chastity Cage

Benefits Of Using A Chastity Cage

Chastity cages are not for everyone but they can be a great way to totally turn control over to your lover! Your keyholder isn’t going to let you out until you have been a good boy. The dynamic of chastity cages can be thrilling for both partners.

Lots of people love the look of a locked-up penis. You can choose an industrial/fetish metal cage for your penis, or a see-through silicone or plastic sheath that lets you and your keyholder admire the goods that are being kept under lock and key.

It’s also thrilling to wear your cage under your clothes when you’re out in public. Knowing that you have a secret, especially one that would be so embarrassing if it’s discovered, is very exciting. Many chastity cages can be worn in public.

One of the biggest benefits of using a male chastity device is the tremendous orgasms that can happen after you have been denied orgasm and even erection by your keyholder. Being aroused and denied for hours or even days is an extreme form of edging, which is well known to increase stamina and make orgasms incredibly intense when they are finally allowed to happen.

In short, this kind of chastity belt or other device is a special way to make sex, sex play and roleplay far more exciting for both you and your lover — and that’s what we’re all about here!

Frequently Asked Questions

A chastity cage is a sheath or tube that fits over a man’s penis and is secured by a lock. Chastity cages keep a man from achieving an erection or any physical satisfaction, and it keeps him under the (voluntary) control of the person who holds the key to the cage.

If a man tries to get erect in a properly fitted chastity cage, the cage will prevent the penis from enlarging or stiffening. The constriction, often in conjunction with discomfort, will prevent the penis from becoming fully erect. Chastity cages are meant to prevent erections, arousal and masturbation when a man is locked up.

It is very much recommended to use lube with chastity cages, especially when trying to pull the scrotum, testicles and penis through the ring. Lube makes everything slipperier and easier to maneuver. Also, even though most chastity devices are designed to be smooth and seam-free on the inside, lube prevents chafing and irritation as well. Never use silicone lube with silicone sex toys, since that’s a good way to damage the surface.

It is generally considered safe to wear a chastity cage for hours at a time. The best cages are designed with adequate ventilation to keep things clean and fresh (and most can go in the shower with you as well), and they have holes in the end for urination. It is not safe or recommended to sleep in chastity cages.


We think that the best male chastity cage is either the CB-6000 Designer Chrome or the DOMINIX Deluxe Male Silicone Chastity Cage, but we’ve shown you six of our favorite cages and we hope that at least one of them is the best chastity cage for you. Enjoy shopping for the male chastity device of your dreams!

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